Placement Track Finishing School (PTFS)

IT FORCE, having a very strong network with the Engineering Academia across length and breadth of India, can easily access to the Talented and Trainable Engineering Graduates as per the Clients’ criteria.

Our expertise is abundant in delivering objective oriented Training Programs and Workshops for IT Job aspirants. Our trainee engagement programs exactly befit the contemporary corporate skill requirements.

In order to establish a perennial talent pipe line to the IT Industry, ITFORCE has devised Placement Track Finishing School (PTFS) course curriculum that comprehensively transforms an Engineering Graduate, technically and emotionally, into a full-fledged Corporate Professional. Catch up the following details on PTFS.

Placement Track Finishing School (PTFS) is a flag-ship program of ITFORCE that rigorously chisels a student into a 360ºJob ready IT Professional.

PTFS is a rigorous curriculum under the continuous learning environment that provides trainee with cutting edge competency to chase a dream job in the IT sector.PTFS is a meticulously devised 360 hours of interaction and brain storming on the designated course curriculum with Subject Matter Experts from the Industry and Academia.