ITFORCE Competency Assessment Process: I-CAP

Hoards of candidates aspire of IT Jobs throughout the year. But several surveys assert that, on an average, the ratio of competent to competed is 1:5 in the job selection processes. Therefore for a meager 20% selection, huge costs and energies are drained towards exercising job-drives by the companies.

To address this challenge and having a strong network of Engineering Colleges across India, ITFORCE has designed I-CAP which is destined for eliminating the junk and inept candidates prior to the actual recruitment process by IT Companies.

I-CAP is a typical sieve of talent metrics of an IT Job Seeker, which runs through different stages of talent filtration.

  • I-CAP is a pre-screening process prior to actual recruitment process of IT Companies.
  • IT Companies can eliminate their hassles in addressing masses during the on-campus/off-campus recruitment drives through I-CAP.
  • I-CAP identifies ready-to-deploy and trainable students during the process.
  • I-CAP identifies the skill gap between the aspirant of opportunity and aspiration of employability.
  • I-CAP enables the IT Companies to quickly hand-pick the prospective incumbents with in a very short span of time and thus IT Companies can save lot of time and money while recruiting the fresher employees.

Eligibility to undergo I-CAP

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