Current Challenges – Academia

The Academia deliverables are unable to bridge the apparent skill gap between Academia and Industry. And this gap has been growing significantly year after year. In India, almost 78% of professional graduates are unemployable at the time of leaving their college. This is due to fresh Engineer’s improper speaking habits in English Language, dismal approach in the problem solving abilities, non-project readiness etc.

This is a perfect paradigm for the demand-supply chain of opportunities and the aspirants. It’s an alarming fact resulting into the downsizing the Economic Development.

Further, universities and educational institutions have been unable to update their syllabi in tune with the high speed changes taking place in the world of technology. Hence, the students churned out are not equipped to meet the current industry requirements and often companies have to incur additional expenses (time and monetary) to train new hires. Besides the technology aspect industries also evaluate competencies ranging soft skills, team building, overall attitude, and values. –FICCI

Over the two decades, the diminishing barriers in Global business and Direct Investment has led to a deep rooted trust on diversified, multi cultural and affordable Indian work force. This has been generating vast business opportunities leading to growing Indian economy and employment opportunities. But due to vibrant business compulsions, Employers today are operating in an economic environment that demands new and constantly developing skills to retain global competitiveness. To list few of the challenges of IT industry in India-