Free IT Recruitment Training

ITFORCE offers courses that run throughout the year or several times a year that are free-of-charge and open to the public. For more information about Recruiter Training, please see below.


Free IT Recruiter Training Program for 1 Month with On-the-job training for Graduates. Batch Starts from 4th February 2019 for Registration contact: 7893335533


For Registration whatsapp your details to 789 333 55 33

about us

We are IT Professionals with decades of struggles in managing IT projects. Having access to project ready resources, multi and niche skilled ones, would have made a big difference to our professional lives. We thus resolved to help fellow IT Projects and Delivery Managers with Project Ready resourcing! We begun our experimentation of Project Ready Resourcing in 2010 and finally concluded that HIRE, TRAIN & DEPLOY model is the one that works for most clients and cost effective. We started our journey under Class21 brand and ran it successfully. We have successfully served more than 10 Clients. We have recently refined our approach a bit to reflect our experience with our clients and re-branded ourselves as ITFORCE to reflect the fact that we are now a full stack service provider!


It is not uncommon to see Campus hire dropouts in excess of 50%, as few will get to choose from multiple offers they have and few will drop the offer for higher studies. Access to ‘Project Ready’ resources have become the deciding factor for success of all IT projects. It has been well established that lack of project ready resources are a major source of project delays and cost escalations that affects both the bottom and top lines of enterprises.


Decades of internal software trainings of campus hires have not made them Project Ready. Substantial money and time are being wasted to get resources Project Ready; at the expense of top line revenues!